Website running slow? 5 reasons to have a faster, more effective and optimized website

site lento 5 motivos para aumentar a velocidade do site

See why improving the speediness of the site is an important and urgent investment for your business


  • A fast site offers a better experience for the visitants

The loading speed is among the impactful factors for the user experience, even more with the advance of mobile devices. Considering that Google aims to offer the best possible answer for users’ questions, this selection follows two criteria: content quality and experience quality – and the quality of the experience is directly impacted by the load speed. A better experience means more visits, more engagement, more conversions. Further info about the experience of your visitors is to perform a deep diagnostic of your website.

  • Sites mais rápidos evitam que os visitantes desistam
  • Faster websites avoid high bounce rates

Once the performance of your site on search engine results pages reflects the ability of your site to give the best answer for its visitor´s questions, it´s important to make clear where the best answer is: your site. And the best way to make this clear to Google is by keeping your visitors on the site for sufficient time to show how your content can help to meet your visitors´ needs. To reduce the bounce rate is a critical goal, a short loading time is the first step to achieve it. Talk to to get know the issues of your site that can be keeping your bounce rate high.

  • Sites with short loading times are more engaging To access a website to get some information, to discover other questions and possibilities about that subject, to navigate through internal pages and links; comment on posts and pages. To share content on social media. All these forms of engagement demonstrate the capacity of your website to give the best answers, and improve the load speed are factors that impact your visitors´ behavior. The longer the time your visitor stays on your site, the greater the probability of being well ranked by Google; and the greater your chances to see your customers doing the actions that impact positively your strategy – shopping, buying, sharing, following your brand. Get to know how many your visitors navigate through your site
    • WordPress is not synonymous with slow website
    A WordPress site can be turned into a faster website: the advanced setting techniques help to avoid problems that, until recently, were making WordPress sites slow. Furthermore, these modern techniques help to make your content more structured, help your site to perform better on Google, and be better visualized on mobile devices. The Page Speed of your site can be an issue for your ranking on Google, and for the online performance of your business, as a whole.
    • Making your website run faster can be cheaper and efficient than investing in a new one.
    The speediness of your site is an indicator that can be measured in an easy and accurate way. With a little investment, compared to the construction of a new site. The good news is that yes, we can help you to speed up your site. Our team has the expertise to apply modern tools and techniques to optimize your website’s performance and help your business to grow.

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